Doodle of Noodle Children's Books

Parenting is haaaaard.

Hello, and welcome to my book collection! My name is Nikki, I’m a mom of two boys living in the UK.  I have a passion for providing my little people with practical life skill tools to help navigate the world around them. I do this the best way I know how, through books!

As parenting is a developmental process and every parent will have their particular skills, their context, their strengths and areas of development, each parent/child relationship and developmental process will be a unique one. We don’t always get it right the first time, or every time…

When faced with new challenges and different phases, that’s when I go into study mode to support them with encounters they have never faced before (and I have never guided anyone through before!).

If we approach parenting as a journey of learning, it helps us be kinder to ourselves and in doing so, be kinder to our children so that we can focus on growing instead of being right.

Here’s hoping that the golden nuggets I have found, and transformed into books, will help add some practical and easily understood tips for children (and parents) to use in facing everyday challenges whilst growing up.

Feel free to browse my book collection and add a practical tool to your little person’s toolbox for life!