About Nikki

Welcome! I’m Nikki, I am a children's book author with a passion for helping young one’s notice, normalise, navigate and lead their emotions.  My life’s journey has been full of exciting twists and turns, which have led me to where I am today.

I grew up in South Africa and after obtaining an honours degree in Industrial Psychology, I opened my own employment law consultancy which I owned for 10 years. My team and I dealt with union negotiations, conflict resolution, grievances etc on a daily basis and only after the birth of my second Son did I wonder whether the various conflict resolution and communication skills lacking from my clients’ workplace grievances, were potentially skills that had not been taught in childhood…mmm…. 

Enter 2019, my family and I decided to embark on a new adventure and move to the United Kingdom.

As a mom, I’m aware of the normal challenges that children face while growing up and the importance of guiding and supporting them through these.  

To better understand and tackle certain challenges, I turned to books, blogs and podcasts. I found these resources incredibly helpful and used the suitable and applicable ones to help guide my family through numerous novel situations presented, especially in a brand new country! These experiences helped me create my very first book.

My books are easily accessible tools that parents and caregivers can use to guide their little ones through the ups and downs of growing up and done so in the best way I know how...by reading to children!

I am passionate about helping littles navigate life's challenges, normalising emotions and acceptance of all feelings. My motto is; “awareness brings change”.